Dear learners in this section can study the training course and be familiar with our educational system.

First, the learners will go to the registration section to join our training collection or if they have already registered in our collection, in the login section of users, enter the training section. The initial registration on ENG45's English-language online training site is free and users after completing the required information will enter to the tutorial page. On this page, the main lessons and sub-lessons can be used from basic to advanced levels.

For more help or answers to your questions please contact Educational Support by email for 24 hours support.

ENG45 is available for all ages. The contents of this site are ranked from the basic to the advanced level.

The most important features and facilities which are in the training system of this collection and will be available for you, dear learners are visible in the table below.

The most important features and facilities of the ENG45
Online training courses include 16 levels from Basic to Advanced
Targeted training with specified timing in order to learn standard and in principle
Various, targeted training courses to strengthen all skills
Various educational videos in order to enhance the conversation skill
Training vocabulary with sound and movies and educational imagery
Comprehensive Grammar Learning with Varied Exercises
Short stories to enhance comprehension
Placement exam and classified questions
Common phrases and terms and slangs
Beautiful words of the Elders
Professional language of commerce and aviation
Multiple and comprehensive articles on language and learning
Pictures, articles and interesting topics on social networks
Beautiful and diverse learning environment which makes the learners eager and not tired
24 hours support for guidance and help language learners
English Dictionary
24 hours access to the teacher
Moment-to-moment evaluation of users and their progress
ENG45 Degree and Certificate of Excellence after completing the levels

ENG45 Top learners

In mid-2014, I started learning English with ENG45. I started my learning from the first quarter and have been doing so well until today. I suggest you learners to stay at home and learn English online.

Top English learner at ENG45

I have been familiar with ENG45 for almost a year and during this time, I have been able to learn various subjects of language. I recommend other learners in order to learn English easily and quickly and enjoy this language, Start now and enjoy this language. English is very simple.

Top English learner at ENG45

I have been using the content and texts of it for more than a year, every day at least  for half an hour, Due to working conditions and despite the scattered acquaintance with English I would prefer to start with a beginner, although this took some time, but its positive effect was refinement of my previous learning and I feel learning content is easy and lasting.

Top English learner at ENG45

Training Tools

It is recommended to download the latest version of Mozilla or Google Chrome by clicking on the corresponding icon and installing it on your computer in order to use this collection better. It should be noted that installing one of the two browsers on your computer is enough. Tablets and iPads basically have software such as Safari, which is software-based with a high-end version and do not need to download and install other programs.

If you use the download software on your computer, you must disable this program for the browser that is being used for this site in order to have no problem playing and watching the movie.

In case of further certainty, after registering and enrolling in the training, go to the relevant software section and read the tips provided and do things.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should we do for registering and entering collections and using lessons?
To register, just click on the link at the top of the page and in the registration section, enter your personal profile and choose a username and password as you like. Finally, click on the sign-up button and login. In the future, you only should enter the username and password in the User login section.
How to recover password if it is forgotten?
If you have forgotten your password, in the login section of the users, Click on forgot your password and in the password recovery section enter the username and the phone number you used to sign up then new password will be sent to your phone number or your email. You can enter your account by entering the new password.
How do we know from which level should we begin to learn?
When you first log in you can select the level setting that you have on the system in the Curriculum section or after entering the Learning section. After completing the test according to the scores you earn from each level, Choose the level at which you get the lowest score to continue your education.
Can we learn English using the ENG45 collection?
If you really want to make an effort and your goal is to learn English and you want to speak English well, this collection will be your online teacher. Loud repeat, focus on content, continuous work and perseverance and serious learning helps you to achieve this goal. Dear learners, it is ensured that by carefully studying and following the collection and the accuracy on the content, they will enjoy a high level and excessive and satisfied base also will see their success rate significantly.
Which accent is used in ENG45 educational resources?
In our educational collection, we use both British and American accents. But the main lessons are often taught in the British accent. In the educational assistance and supplementary movies section you can also use some American accents topics.
What is the reason for the failure of opening new lessons?
Sometimes you may not see the new lessons because of one of the following reasons. After completing the last practice of each lesson you should click on the star of the end of the exercise and on the new page after seeing the scores, click on the passed key in order to be able to use the next lesson. Sometimes the system will not allow you to use the next lesson because you got a score of fewer than 60 in the previous lesson. So in this case, after earning a minimum score, you will be able to enter the next lesson.
What is the reason for not displaying videos?
Hidden videos may be are due to one of the following reasons. Sometimes the reason for not playing videos is to use the old version of the browser Internet Explorer. Use the Mozilla browser or Google Chrome to get the best results. Sometimes your system's browser also needs to clear the History to display the contents of the site. In addition, the use of download management software disrupts playback of videos. Disable download management software when using tutorials. You can also read the required software and tutorials after entering the tutorial section in other menus. This section provides you with a complete and comprehensive training.
How to upgrade membership to use all the training materials?
After the registration and Log in to the training section by clicking on the upgrade membership link, you can choose one of the available packages according to your needs. After selecting the package, you will be redirected to the bank page. You can upgrade your membership by using all of the accelerated network bank cards. After completing the Internet payment you will be transferred to education and your account will be upgraded.