About Us

What you need to know about ENG45?

The ENG45 collection utilizing the best educational resources also new ways to learns English goes to the online training field and tries to create the most comprehensive online English language education site to attract enthusiasts of this international language. On the other hand this site has strong educational and technical support which is always ready to answer the most common questions of learners about the educational and teaching affairs.

The most important feature of this training collection is that it is online which allows the user to study and learn whenever and wherever he/she wants. This website utilizing a new way and scientific principals teaches you the English language step by step in a way that you can easily speak English after a short time.

Who can use the ENG45?

ENG45 educational collection is available for all ages. The content of this site has been ranked from basic to advanced levels. At each level there are 24 lessons with a variety of topics, grammar and words also in each lesson there are different steps from at least 4 stages to a maximum of 20 steps which will include training, lessons and tests. In all lessons you will have different and interesting exercises which to continue studying and learning you must solve at least 60 percent of them correctly. Do not worry, in the next lessons we will automatically force you to learn this 40 percent. You can use the level test to choose your level of education.

What is the teaching method in ENG45?

In all educational stages it used photos, videos, sounds of learning with attractive characters and most lessons begin with a movie so that the language learner will be eager to continue the learning. This learning method challenges all four language skills (Reading, Speaking, Listening and Writing) and scientifically learning with pictures sounds and movies is much more effective.

Some learners just to reinforce a particular skill use language learning sites. The ENG45 collection made it possible so that users can use the training lessons fix their weaknesses in a particular skill.

For this purpose, we have considered a part as a training aid for you which includes complementary grammar, professional vocabulary training with educational imagery, auxiliary videos and etc.

Learning slang terms in English is important in that regard the language of writing and speech are completely different. When you are talking you are unconsciously required to use the idioms used in everyday terms. Therefore the ENG45 collection tried to have complete and comprehensive training of these phrases and idioms.

At the end, we assure you that at a much less time than you expected you will get an acceptable level of English.

If you really want to make a difference and your goal is to learn English and you want to speak English well, this educational collection will be your online teacher. Repeating loudly, focus on content, working with exercises and trainings of collection continually and having perseverance and being serious at learning will help you to achieve this goal.