Many students go abroad to study and the questions that most of them have in their minds can be one or all of the followings.



What is it like to study abroad?

Suddenly you are on your own and away from your country and people with the same culture. The new place and their new culture and language is a challenge for you if it’s your first time abroad. But the fun part is that you will find new friends adding to your new experience in life. Don’t be afraid to speak the new language and don’t be afraid if you got lost somewhere. There is always someone whom you can ask for directions.


What should I bring in my suitcase?

It depends on how long you are going to stay there. If you travel light is better for you and buy the rest of the things you need at the place you’re going to. Check the weather of the place that you are going so that you have suitable clothing with you.


How should I prepare for my flight?

Check that you have a valid passport and it is not expired. It should be valid for over six months.

Pack your suitcase a few days in advance to make sure that you won’t forget anything important.

Leave your house early in order not to get stuck in traffic and being behind your schedule.

For international flights be at the airport three hours before your flight.


How much money should I bring with me?

If you have booked your accommodation then you only have to worry about the transportation, food, and shopping. It all depends on you and your budget for spending money but it should be kept in mind that going to another country definitely costs you more because you want to go out and eat out more. Also, some schools have field trips for you that you shouldn’t miss out so have some savings for that too. In general, have enough money considering all the surprise expenses that may come on your way.


These were the very common questions that students studying abroad may have and we hope the answers satisfy their curiosity.

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