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Elementary Level

The Elementary level consists of 3 courses and 3 video lessons, a grammar section, a writing section and an additional vocabulary section. Each one of them focuses on different topics and you can watch your courses any time you want.

Course 1 and video lesson 1:

In this course you will:

• Learn how to socialize, start friendships and make conversations with your friends.

• Write a post card, a letter of recommendation and a thank you letter.

• Talk about your life, have a job interview and invite someone to your house.

Course 2 and video lesson 2:

In this course you will:

• Learn vocabulary for subjects like travel, fashion and relationships.

• Talk about your good and bad experiences and share it with others.

• Make a restaurant reservation, order food in a restaurant, talk to the waiter and ask for the bill.

• Describe your favorite movie, choose a movie to watch and talk about a movie you recently watched.

Course 3 and video lesson 3:

In this course you will:

• Elaborate more topics in details such as work, healthcare, friendship and networking.

• Improve your writing skills in different subjects like summarizing a networking event, write about a game you like or write a prescription or work email.

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