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30 Nov
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According to the eastern medical profession, our face reflects our health condition and our lifestyle. It’s better to understand what our face is trying to tell us; maybe they’re some bad habits we have to change. Anyway, we should know what’s going inside of our body and what the signals are trying to tell us.

1) Skinny face

You may have to diet too much or you’re over-exercising! When you do a lot of sport, you stop your skin from getting its needed oxygen. The most affected part is your cheek’s bone. You should exercise right and get a healthy diet.

2) Swollen face

If you feel you have this type of skin, you should do more exercises or you should have less stress and also less drink. These three factors affect collagen production for skin and it causes wrinkling of the skin. In order to keep your skin young, you should do regular exercises.

3) Wrinkles

If you’re interested in sun, you should know that UV is one of the causes of skin wrinkles. Usually, the skin under the eyes is affected too soon because it’s thinner and more delicate than other parts of the face.

4) Dry skin

Being on a bad diet is the main reason for a dry skin. Inappropriate nutrition results in a lack of vitamin and minerals needed for the elasticity of your skin. You should know that if you don’t care your body from inside, anti-wrinkle and anti-age creams won’t help at all. In order to have a soft and beautiful skin, you should consume different kinds of fruits and vegetables.

5) Red skin

Drinking too much coffee can cause a red skin. Caffeine dries your skin. If you’re at work in the mornings you don’t get enough vitamin D because you don’t get enough sunlight. Use herbal teas instead of coffee and to compensate the lack of vitamin D take sun shower.

6) Yellow skin

If you feel that your skin is yellow and is not a normal color, you may have a liver problem or Anemia. Consult your doctor if you see such changes.

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