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18 Sep
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You better listen to what your mouth and tongue say about your health

Health is an issue we know more and more about every day. At the same time, it is safe to say that the more we know about health, the more we realize how much we don’t know about it. Thanks to modern medicine, there are so many ways to assess health and we usually look to professionals to make such assessments. However, if you happen to know a little about homeopathy or general traditional medicine, then chances are that you have come across information that gives guidance on how to monitor and improve overall personal health. One of such ways to understand just how healthy or unhealthy we are comes from what we know about our mouths. Surely many of you have heard that a healthy body begins with a healthy mouth. This means your teeth, gums and tongue hold various information and carry specific signs about our body and health.
Since the mouth literally works as a gateway for the body, there is little doubt about the fact that whatever goes in is what influences health. So based on that logic and the abundant number of studies conducted on the matter, we now know that poor oral health can be the result of such issues as heart disease, diabetes and inflammation, not to mention cancer. In particular, the tongue not only plays a crucial role in processing food and comes in more than handy for communication, it also holds some significant health-related secrets of its own. As mentioned earlier, traditional medicines, such as traditional Chinese medicine, argues that the tongue functions as a form of representative for the whole body and can reveal whether the body lacks something or holds other things in excess. Chinese medicine also points out that the tongue’s various areas also correspond with our internal organs, such as the toxicity levels our gut holds. For example, such other organs are said to have their representative place on the tongue, such as the kidneys, bladder, liver, gallbladder, lung, heart, and stomach. Such information can be communicated through the color and shape of the tongue. For instance, if your tongue holds a white coating over it and teeth marks are visible on its ring with only a few red spots, then that might just be a sign of fatigue, shortness of breath and even worrying. In an overall observation, one cannot help but find the tongue to be extremely forthcoming about the body. Therefore, take care of your mouth and make sure you know what general factors of your body your mouth and tongue, in particular reveal about your health. In other words, let doctor tongue tell you what is wrong before you do anything else.
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