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16 Sep
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Women today are busier than ever. In old times women stayed home and did the home tasks but nowadays women not only have to do the house chores but also having a job outside of the house is a must for most of them.

If women are mothers too the burden becomes heavier than ever. Imagine being a woman who is working outside and has to take care of a baby or a child at the same time. It’s a hard job to make a harmony in this situation. Here are some points to consider for women to take care of the situation in a smoother way.

Make and have a plan:

If you don’t know what you are going to do during a day then it’s a disaster and many important things may be missed out. A wise working woman has a plan for the day and knows exactly what she is going to do in each time of the day.


Don’t steal from your job:

Most working mothers are more active than only working women. If it’s possible the times that you can as a working mother try to be at work a little earlier and leave it a little later so that your boss knows you are reliable or when you have to leave early nobody can blame you for that.


Be on time:

While working at the office try not to bring the family issues at work and when you are at home try to have all your attention on your family and forget about your job. Be on time for work and be a worker and be on time for family and be a nice mother.



Your day should not be filled with only work and work. During a day have a time for yourself. Do whatever makes you relaxed and happy; from sleeping to doing exercise or just having fun with friends. In general, don’t forget yourself.


Get help:

Don’t try to do all the tasks by yourself. If you have a husband at home and are not a single working mom then ask your husband to help you with some chores like vacuuming or washing the dishes or even spending time with the kids.


Don’t forget yourself:

Being a mother, a wife and a working woman may make you so busy that you forget all about yourself. Some women try to do everything for the happiness of others and they forget all about themselves which is not very good. Don’t sacrifice yourself. Go to a hair salon, go shopping and buy the clothes you like. Whatever you do don’t about the feminine side of yours and try to shine as a woman in all aspects of your life.

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