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10 Feb
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Are you employed and have to wake up early every day to go to work?

Do you like to stay home and make money?

It may be a dream come true for everybody. Because thanks to technology these days most people use the internet to be in touch with others throughout the world. Why not use the net and work at home and make money instead?

Here are the good sides and bad sides of working at home by using the net.


Good sides

It's early in the morning and you don't want to or even cannot wake up for many reasons. You just need a little more time to gain your energy. Don't worry it's ok because you have enough time to have your breakfast and start working. Yes, you are working at home.

This is the first good thing for everybody. Not being worried about being late for work. You can be relaxed and have your breakfast and start your work peacefully.

Another good thing about it is for those mothers who have small kids at home and don't want to be away from them. They not only can be with their children but can do their jobs right here at home.

All those chores that remain after you go back home after work can be done at the same time that you are doing your work at home. Therefore, after finishing your job you are not supposed to do a lot of things that you were supposed to do.


Bad sides

It's true that you have more time with your family and your chores at home if you work at home using the net, but what about the people whom you can meet if you go out to work?

Your social presence will be less with others and that may affect your moods. As you know sometimes we don't feel good but when we go out and talk with our friends or colleagues then we feel better. By working at home we lose this advantage of being with others.


All and all it depends on your personality and characters to like or dislike this kind of work.

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