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24 Oct
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Work Productivity

Work Productivity




Everybody is looking for a way to increase their concentration at work in order to do their duties easier and faster but sometimes everything goes wrong and we don’t know the reason! Here are some ways to increase your productivity at work:

1) Clean the work area:

You may think that this case has nothing do with the productivity but it at least raises you focus, so distractions and irregularity are the biggest obstacles on your way to success.

2) Put away your cell phone:

Cellphones are the most important cause of distraction at work; even a short ringtone or vibration can cause you to forget good ideas or daily schedule and prevents you from working.

3) Don’t forget about daily exercise:

It is not only providing you a better health situation but also obviously increases your productivity. You don’t have to do hard or heavy exercises; even simple exercises like walking can make you start a more energetic day.

4) Use the daylight

Researchers indicate that those employees who have a window next to their seat are more productive and do their duties in a more effective way the others with no window beside them. They also got better scores at memory tests.

5) Get enough sleep

Enough sleep brings you a useful workday, reversely who don’t sleep enough or even oversleep, are less effective than others and are always asking time off from work.

6) Set priority in your duties:

Do more important jobs when you are more energetic, it’s natural that you don’t have same energy level during the day so you should do the more important duties when you feel more concentrated and leave the rest of them for the last hours of the workday.

7)Take a short nap at work:

Probably this is not your boss’ favorite part, but research shows that who take a short nap at work is more productive and neuronal behavior and reactions decrease.

8) Stay away from productivity obstacles:

This part includes phone calls, social media, email, internet, and gossiping. 

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