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31 Dec
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Almost most of us struggle with workplace problems. These problems make our life really hard and it makes you feel scared of beginning a new week. Some of these major problems are:

1)  Stabbing in the back

This is a common problem. It’s terrible when we find out that our best friend at work-place is making rumors about us. How can we overcome this problem? Don’t trust everybody, don’t explain your life story to everybody, just tell your problems to reliable and trustworthy people.

2) Bullying

If anybody is threating you or your colleagues, you should report it as soon as possible. If it didn’t change the situation, change your job especially if that guy is your boss.

3) Emotional problems

There is always a chance to find your soul mate at the workplace. But it’s a difficult situation and you should keep it secret because it has harmful effects on your job.

4)Lazy colleagues

We all have been in such a situation that had to stand lazy colleagues with high expectations. You should simply tell your boss that he/she doesn’t do the duties. it will ruin your relationship with your colleague, but don’t forget that you’re there to do your duties not the other’s duties.

5)Ethic and sexual discrimination

If you’re sexually or ethically explicit, you should make it clear to your boss that it’s illegal. Report all the events to the manager and if you didn’t get your report reviewed go to the union or higher authorities.

6) Sexual harassment

Unfortunately, another common mistake in the workplace is sexual harassment. Perhaps these harassments occur in different ways. These should be reported to the manager as soon as possible.

7) Collecting money

While this isn’t as serious as the other problems, but it can be annoying. If you always want to buy a candle to celebrate the birth, wedding, and childhood of one of the colleagues with the rest of the money, your expenses are high. If you don’t want to participate make it very clear.

 Learning and Improving english by




Learning and improving English by


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