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25 Dec
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Are you one of those people who wonder about everything a lot? For example, have you ever asked yourself why airplanes are white and not another color?

The following text will let you know why.


Thermal advantage

We know that the color white is a great reflector and it reflects all other colors. For this reason, white is used for the airplanes so they don’t absorb sunlight to make the plane warm. Planes need to stay cool either while flying or when they are parked and white is a perfectly wise choice for them.


Easier inspection of cracks

Since the color white makes it easier for our eyes to inspect any cracks or breakings, therefore, why not using it to help us identify any ambiguity that may happen for the body of airplanes.

Also, if a plane is white it is easier to spot in case of a crash or any other emergencies.


Painting is expensive

Why ignoring the truth? Painting an airplane needs a tremendous amount of money and investment. So, why not use the white color to cut off the extra money. For this reason, white is used because it is cheaper.


Colored airplanes have lower resale value

If you buy a colored airplane you should have this idea in your mind that if for any reasons you wish to sell it, your airplane will be sold for a cheaper price. Because usually the customers are looking for a white one and if they find colored ones then most probably they want to color it white and they don’t want to spend more money on that.


Not Fading

The color white is the one that doesn’t fade so it makes it more beneficial to paint the planes white.


For these reasons, most planes are colored white. Because it reflects other lights, it’s easy to identify, it’s cheaper to have the plain white. 


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