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12 Aug
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what to eat before an exam







What to eat before an exam day?

It is important to know how to have enough energy for that important exam day and for that we need to eat right. What we eat affects our exam performance. Nutritionists emphasize in importance of healthy eating habits at this stressful time. Because the proper food energizes your system and improves your alertness and sustains you for the long term exam. Wrong diet makes you sluggish, jittery or burned out.


Nutrition tips:

1- Make sure to eat something before exam. Either it is breakfast or lunch your brain needs energy to focus on the exam not to focus on your hunger.

2- Eat brain-boosting foods. Protein rich foods cause your mental alertness. Foods such as eggs, nuts, yogurt and cottage cheese. Good breakfast can be whole grain cereal with low fat milk, eggs and toast with jam and oatmeal. Other things that you may try are fish, walnuts, blueberries, sunflower seeds, flax seed, dried fruits, fig and prunes. In terms of vegetables raw carrots, bell peppers, Brussels, sprouts, spinach and broccoli can be taken.

3- Avoid brain blocking foods. Foods with white flours such as cookies, cakes or muffins are not proper for you. Because they need added time to digest and you don’t want to waste your energy for digestion. Don’t eat turkey at all because it has an amino acid that makes you feel sleepy. Carbs are good before the day of your exam not on the day. They make you alert and relaxed.

4- Drink brain boosting beverages. Make sure you get enough water or tea without any sugar to avoid dehydration. You don’t want to lose concentration or faint on your exam.

5- Avoid brain blocking beverages. Alcohol should be avoided since it makes you drunk or causes you headache and nervousness. To avoid hangovers, dullness or fatigue don’t go around alcohol. Also, sugary sodas or colas and coffee are not good for you. But if you are a type of person who should have that cup of coffee every morning have one or two cup of it with something healthy.

6- Eat light meals. Too much eating makes you feel drowsy and heavy. You don’t want your body to concentrate on digesting system. A salad with chicken or salmon is a good choice.

7- Don’t try any new food. It happens that friends or family members want to give you some food as a favour. You don’t need any surprises for that special day of yours. So stick with whatever your body is accustomed to.

8- Take multivitamins. If your diet is not balanced you may have lack of vitamins. Surviving on pizza, junk food, red bull or coffee brings you that shortage of vitamins for your body. Multivitamins can come to help you. The vitamin B strengthens your brain function and the iron, calcium and the zinc destroys your stress.

9- Sometimes in an exam you may have a break. It’s a good idea to have some nuts with you to have. Avoid having any sugary things like chocolate.

10- The last but not least is getting enough sleep the night before. Some people study too much before an exam.

Take it easy, eat dinner, lay out clothes for the next day, pack your bag, take a shower and set some alarms. To pass that exam of yours you need both healthy nutrients and restful sleep.


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