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14 Jan
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If you get lost while traveling what will you do? Do you start worrying and cannot concentrate on what you do? Or do you start to find your way without being worried or stressed out?

Here we tell you how to react to such experience.


Don’t get scared

The first thing that you should control is your stress. Don’t get panic when you get lost because you are not lost in a forest and there are still food and people around you.


Ask from locals

When you have controlled your stress now ask the locals about your location. Even if you don’t know their language use your body language to pass the message. Do whatever you can to let them know that you are lost.


Look for big signs

In all cities or countries, there are some certain places that can be used as a sign while asking for an address or finding your directions while looking for your place.


Ask the tourist information stands

Usually, there are some stands for tourists to answer their questions. By finding them you are halfway there.


Be prepared from before

Before you go out there have a map and find the place that you are heading. See what is the best way of going there and you can also ask help from the receptionist of your hotel or anyone from the place that you live. Don’t just start going out without being ready for the route.


Have your hotel card with you

If you carry your hotel card everywhere that you go then if you get lost you can show the people your address and then you don’t have difficulty to explain your loss.


Find a café

If you have time find a café or a coffee shop and have something to make you relaxed and calm, then start thinking about where to start and how to start. Always keep calm and don’t lose your concentration because it will be harder for you to make decisions.

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