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23 Sep
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What is going to replace the DVD in tomorrow's tech industry?

The CD and DVD discs era is really at its dawn and on its way out fast. Despite the fact that the evolving entertainment and information storage technology always reaching for new heights, there is little doubt that CDs are being replaced as did VCRs and cassette tapes not so long ago. When we demanded better technology, it was clear that new formats would ultimately replace the old ones as it has been the norm for technological advancements. Even though, according to Tech News World, USPs and flash memories are not the only sources for access and streaming services have also made gains over the past few years as well. While these are growing media trends, half of the sales of movies still take place on DVDs and Blue-ray discs, according to 2016 data. In fact, according to this tech news source, $18 billion in DVD sales have been accounted for in 2016. Therefore, the entertainment industry, which makes the most sales out of this outdated technology format, still relies of the sales of DVDs heavily and no one in the industry is planning on offering services any other way, with the exception of online services. This does not mean that online services will replace the DVD phenomenon. In reality, even though the entertainment industry is losing money because of the declining DVD demand by the market, it has no other alternatives to replace the once very lucrative format with. Therefore, while the price and value of DVDs are not what they used to be, no better format has taken its place and broken its record sales. In other words, the tech industry is stuck with DVDs with no one true alternative taking its place in the near future.
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