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31 Oct
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What color are you at your organization?

 What color are you at your organization?



Different humans have different personalities and everyone has own unique style (like kindness, aggression, hardworking, pessimistic or optimistic), If you want to make a connection with somebody you should know about this specific personalities.

You can categorize everyone under a color or a combination of colors along with their personalities! It’s a vital issue for every organization to know its member's colors in order to make a stronger bond between them, so now we have an article about these color-personalities groups.

Here we have only discussed 2 colors; there are also a lot of different personalities except these two.

Characteristics of Blue employees:

1)Kind and friendly


3)Polite and Calm


5)They’re able to control their excites and emotions.e


7)They do their duties on time and based on an accurate planning.


In a word, blue members show the most efficiency despite the least monitoring.

Characteristics of Red employees:

1) Positive thinking

2) Having a leadership spirit

3) Selfish

4) Always talk first

5) Giving powerful and energetic speech

6) Being always the pioneer

7) Risk Takers

8) Respect themselves

9) They make big changes.

10) They always think about their goals.

11) Innovative

12) Flexible

13) They care about effectiveness.

Briefly, they don’t need any monitoring!

If you put these 2 kinds of members in the same group, based on overlapping theory their weak points disappear and their strengths standout, so the group moves toward success with a rapid pace:

Productivity=effectiveness + efficiency

Reds= Effectiveness

Blues= Efficiency

 You should keep in mind that you can’t categorize everyone under these 2 groups; they can be a combination of red and blue like pink, purple, amethystine, cyan, black, brown… 

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