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13 Sep
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The fear of Alzheimer's is because of this sense that there’s nothing we can do about it.

A lot of researches are happening around this disease, but unfortunately, we still don’t know any cure for it, but there are some ways to prevent it to be happening.

Your lifestyle is the most influential factor!

Never is too late to make smart changes in your lifestyle toward a healthier one, a recent research indicates that consuming more fruits and vegetables is directly related to increasing the Alzheimer’s age. Cut down the sugar, enjoy a Mediterranean diet, avoid fats, Get plenty of omega-3 fats, Enjoy daily cups of tea and try to cook at home often.

Also, you may know that having a strong and developed network of friends and social communications is the key to have a happy and healthy life, so it has the same positive effect on preventing Alzheimer’s in later life. We can’t survive in isolation, neither do our brains.

Regular physical exercises are another efficient way! It directly affects on brain cells by increasing blood and oxygen flow so it can reduce your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease by up to 50 percent.

Also, some findings describe that mental activities are helpful too!

By learning new things and challenging your brain you decrease the chance of Alzheimer’s. Studying a foreign language, practicing a musical instrument or reading the newspaper can be examples of challenging your brain.

The other vital factor is a high quality sleep. If the disrupt sleep affects your mood and slow your thinking you’re at the high risk of Alzheimer’s. 8 hours of sleep per night is the time every adult needs on average.

Setting a regular sleep schedule makes the brain’s clock respond to regularity, so you’ll go to bed at a particular time and get up at the defined time unconsciously.

The Last and the most important way that you should pay attention to is managing your stress level. Take a deep breath when you feel stressed or anxious. Spend some specified time on relaxing; it can be as simple as walking in a park or playing with your dog.

There are some other factors that put you at the risk of this disease which you may know as it’s so obvious; for example smoking, Blood pressure and high cholesterol level and being fat.

Overall, what’s good for the body is also good for the brain so too is the converse. 

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