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17 Aug
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You work every day and when the weekend comes you want to relax and enjoy yourself, but sometimes you don’t know how. Relaxing doesn’t mean sleeping more, on the other hand there are lots of other activities that you can do to make you relaxed and at the same time you can have fun.



There are lots of different types of exercises that you can do to keep your body healthy.

Go for a walk or go for running even try to juggle it’s fun. If it’s summer time the best thing is to go for swimming.

You don’t like to go out? Ok, just start dancing at home. Try to move that body of yours so all that tiredness that you get from the job you do all week goes away.


Local activities:

Look for the closest nice natural place or play ground to spend time there. If you have a garden do some gardening or have some green plants to take care of if you are living in an apartment.

Visit friends or families. By spending some time together you can have fun and enjoy each other’s company.

Find out if there are any free museums that you can go.

Go to a zoo or wildlife reserve. Spending an afternoon time there can be a great fun.



Make your favorite food or pizza. Pop some corn or even bake a cake. We all feel good when we make something by our own hands. Especially if it is food.



Many activities can be done by using the net. Depending on your interests from watching a film or playing a game or just using your social media you can spend some time there.


Be creative:

Take a pen and some papers and start drawing. Or play the games that are done on papers. Make a kite or do origami if you know how to do it.


Other activities:

Weekends are for your enjoyment, so get out there and start playing with your friends like hide and seek or make bubbles.

Reading can also be a very good activity for you to do.

Going to the movies is also a great fun to spend your afternoon or night out.

Go to a restaurant or just have a simple picnic out there.

Other than these activities that are good for you, sometimes taking care of others makes you feel good. Find out if there are any helps needed and you can be a helping hand. Be a volunteer to help others and get the good feeling that you get of doing so.

In general, try to enjoy your weekends as possible as you can by doing anything that wipes out all that routine that happens during a working week.



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