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27 Sep
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Water Shortage

Water Shortage




First, let’s define the statistics:

The water shortage is a global issue, don’t you think just dry countries will be affected! The minimum number of people who will be affected for 1 month is 1 billion, other 2 billion have no access to clean water.

Water shortage is also known as water scarcity will cause these situations: There will be no fresh, clean and drinkable water, Lack of fresh water and natural water currents will expose other resources to danger. Water is related to every aspect of our lives, lack of it will affect education, work, and children. 

Climate conditions will change dramatically, everywhere will become dry regions, depletion happens. Now in Africa clean water has become a luxury thing, by the year 2025 2/3 of the world will be affected by water shortage.

Water covers 70% of the Earth, but oceans have the most portion of this percent, only 2-3% is fresh which 1% of this little portion is drinkable.

The only solution to decreasing the growing pace of this issue is to stress it in every media, every speech, ensuring everyone knows about it, and then it’s the teaching time, the ways of consuming as less as we can.

As we mentioned, due to the global effect of this problem everyone from every place should start learning the ways and effective strategies, even in regions which seem to have enough resources.

Here are some solutions:

Keep the water tap open only when you’re really using water, pay attention to this point when you’re brushing your teeth, bathing (always take short showers), washing the dishes.

Improving sewerage system is in must done list for governments! Also increasing the Tariffs will make people use the water in a logic way and it will greatly reduce the amount of use.

Governments should pay attention and invest in NGOs and other volunteer environmental groups and support them by following their strategies. 

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