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29 Aug
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Watching movies has many benefits for speaking English

Watching movies has many benefits for English speaking and in this article three main reasons will be addressed in order to show why getting involved with English through movies is the best way to connect with the English language. The first reason is that movies raise emotions in people and that is a key in keeping audiences involved with English. That means when you watch a sad or funny movie, your emotions are active and that is what helps you learn English better. Another reason for why movies are the best way to learn English is how they glorify characters. This helps people realize that they can be better people and that there are so many different ways of living a good life. Therefore, movies inspire us to be better people and to live better lives. Watching movies give us ideas about how to take our world and lives more seriously, which is a really good reason to learn English. The final reason for why watching movies in order to learn English is best, has to do with how movies help us get smarter, both intellectually as well as emotionally. Watching movies effect the way we observe people, issues and situations. This is especially the case when observations are about people and places we have never met or visited.
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