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10 Oct
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What is a volcano? When the pressure of gases and other erupting elements gets high a mountain starts erupting and molten rocks are spilled over along with fire and explosions.

This is a volcanic mountain. A volcano and its eruption can cause Tasmania, earthquakes, mudflows, and rock falls.


What are the different types of volcanos?

According to scientists, there are three types of volcanos; active, dormant, and extinct.

The active one is a volcano that has recently erupted and may erupt again or soon.

A dormant volcano is the one that has erupted some time ago and there is a possibility to erupt again.

An extinct volcano is the one that has erupted thousand years ago and there is no possibility of eruption anymore.

Why do volcanoes erupt?

As we know the earth has many layers near its surface and when these layers sometimes start moving it causes friction which eventually causes earthquakes and volcanic activities.

How many are there in the world?

There are more than 1500 volcanos around the world and so far only 80 of them has been found under oceans. Most of the active volcanoes in the US are in Hawaii, California, Alaska, Oregon, and Washington.

What is the difference between magma and lava?

The liquid rock inside of the volcano is called magma and once magma is erupted outside of the mountain it is called lava. Lava moves and gets cool slowly and as it gets colder it gets harder too.

What is the largest active volcano?

The largest active volcano in the world is in Mauna Loa in Hawaii. After the eruption, the soil gets so rich in minerals that can be a good place to grow coffee, so that’s why the most famous coffee is grown there. Mauna Loa is taller than Mount Everest.

Volcanos are always scientists and geologists favorite subject to study because the more they know about the lava and the activity of a volcano the more they will know about the secrets of our planet Earth.

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