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22 Oct
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Is there a difference between a vegan and a vegetarian? Most of us have an idea about vegetarians but vegans are somehow new. To answer the question, it should be said that they are not the same. Now, let’s see what is the difference between them.

Vegetarian diet

They don’t eat meat, poultry, fish or any by-products of animal slaughter. But they eat fruits, nuts, grains, seeds, and vegetables. The only thing that is different for vegetarians is using eggs and dairy products.

There are three types of vegetarians:

Lacto-ovo vegetarians: Vegetarians who avoid all animal flesh, but do consume dairy and egg products.

Lacto vegetarians: Vegetarians who avoid animal flesh and eggs, but do consume dairy products.

Ovo vegetarians: Vegetarians who avoid all animal products except eggs.


Vegan diet

A vegan diet not only excludes animal flesh, but also dairy, eggs, and animal-derived ingredients. These include gelatin, honey, carmine, pepsin, shellac, albumin, whey, casein and some forms of vitamin D3.

Vegans have stricter diet and as you can see they don’t use any animal products at all.

The reasons for both vegetarians and vegans to have the special diet can be environmental or health based.

In terms of ethics, vegetarians are opposed to killing animals for food, but consider it acceptable to consume animal by-products such as milk and eggs, as long as the animals are kept in adequate conditions.

On the other hand, vegans believe that animals have a right to be free from human use, be it for food, clothing, science or entertainment.

Although they may go on the diet to have a better health situation there are still some side effects for these people.


Low cholesterol level

We know that we have bad cholesterol and good cholesterol but the level of cholesterol for vegetarians and vegans is low.

Doctors say that if the level of cholesterol goes down it may lead to an early death.


Lower bone mineral density

Because of their diet and not eating dairy and eggs then they may suffer from vitamin B deficiency and other minerals necessary for bone survival.


Low level of omega 3 fatty acids

They don’t eat fish and any products relating to that and since fish is rich in omega 3 which is needed for our body they suffer from this insufficiency.


So, now you have an idea about vegetarians and vegans and the side effects that this form of diet may have.


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