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4 Dec
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When you travel alone then your cell phone can be your best friend. It means you should have proper applications on your mobile phone to get the most of it.

Safety in a trip, finding new friends and having a plain and easy available map are the things that you should have applications for.

Let’s look at some of these helpful applications that can become handy while traveling.



When you are alone, especially while traveling having a map that doesn’t need the net is a great helping hand. Google map is one of those applications that are available now and if you are looking for a new version then MAPS.ME can be a good alternative.


The Red Zone Map

This is a very good application for your trip. The Red Zone Map shows you the safest path possible around you based on social events. It tells you what way is the best one for you at the moment. If there are any special event that may cause you a problem, it shows you ways to consider that bring you more safety.



It may be hard for you to eat alone when you are traveling. But don’t you worry because there are applications that help you to eat along with locals. One of the best applications for the matter is ViizEat that shows you the best options possible for you in the town near or around you. The application not only finds you the people who like to eat with you but it also tells you about the food tours that may be there in your town.



This application like the last one helps you to find people like yourself to spend time with during your trip. There are many applications available now but Meetup is one of the best for you. By using the application, you can meet people who are close to your ideas and tastes of life. Just search your destination in the application and there will be many options for you to spend your time with.



Finding the best café or restaurants in town can be a good way of spending time. By using this application, you can know more about the local’s comments and ideas about different restaurants and cafes in town.


So, next time you are traveling alone make sure to have these applications on your cell phone.

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