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8 Mar
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Has it happened to you that while working you think some of your coworkers cannot be trusted? What are the signs that you cannot trust them and how can you cope with that?

Let’s look at the matter in more details.


They are envious

Envy or jealousy is universal and can be found anywhere. Our workplace is not an exception and it can happen among colleagues. Some people cannot tolerate other people’s improvement and progress. It should not be ignored because it may cause a problem. Although there is nothing that you can do with these people you shouldn’t let them spread their feelings around the office.


They are dishonest

If you regularly catch a co-worker lying, or they steal credit for your work, they're probably a dishonest person. To deal with such people it’s better to act on the situation and not on the person. It means if you are in a situation that dishonesty is the reason then deal with it with the best tactic.


They gossip

A little bit of workplace gossip among friends is normal. But it's a bad sign when a colleague seems overly preoccupied with gossiping. Rumors can harm reputations and others' feelings, so steer clear.

Plus, the old middle school adage applies here. If the gossip is talking about other people behind their backs to you, they're probably also bashing you to other people.

The best thing to do is disassociate yourself from the person and try to defuse any gossip when you find yourself unable to get away.


They undermine people

Did you discuss a great idea with a co-worker only to see that person steal it and use it as their own? Are you missing meetings because your coworker leading a project keeps 'forgetting' to email you the invites? Then you’d better watch out for those people around you because they are undermining you.

Ignore their attempts to be pals and don't share crucial information with them, when possible. And report any serious duplicity to your boss.


They suck up

It’s good to have good relationships with your boss but some people do it too much or they suck up to be more in the boss’s attention. It's best just to ignore the bootlickers in your office and hope your boss is smart enough to determine which employees are truly valuable.


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