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17 Sep
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Although we can’t hear the sound of the ocean above water it doesn’t mean that it’s a silent place there.

Air, water and land cause sounds. Winds blowing on water make waves, afterward, waves cause bubbles and when they break they make noise

All the ocean habitats use sounds to communicate or navigate; also they use sounds to know their surrounding environment if any huge ice mountain or open water is in their way or not.

If you’ve ever visited Arctic you would be able to visualize this scene; all you can see is ice for kilometers but you can feel the movement of the animals under the sea. You can hear their sounds and that’s amazing! Even you can hear the ice cracks sounds.

We’re used to navigating and knowing everything by our sight but most of the underwater animal’s lives depend on sounds.

But how is life underwater?

Life underwater consists of plants, animals, and other organisms. It’s clear that the situation underwater is not appropriate for human life because the pressure level makes breathing extremely hard. In deeper parts the temperature is low and the light disappears, but as you go to deeper parts the sound travels faster.

There are also varied species of plants underwater which their lives depend on the light they get. They’re effective for the environment as they convert the dioxide carbon to oxygen.

Life underwater is one of the most exciting things in the world but unfortunately, the noise of human activity could change all life underwater. humans noise has doubled every decade for the past 60 years, which recent researches show that it may lead to wales death and other injuries. 

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