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31 Jan
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Traveling to Asia in September is enjoying as in the other months, but if you don’t enjoy traveling to a rainy place you should carefully choose your travel destinations in September.

You will also face tornados in East Asia in September. No matter where you live and are threatened by these tornadoes or not, these terrifying whirlwinds create unexpected rains in the area. It’s not too bad; signs of cool autumn weather that are created by tornadoes in these areas are highly welcomed.

It’s raining or not, there are many festivals in Southeast Asia that keep you entertained. While it’s raining in Thailand and most cities of Southeast Asia there will be not too many visitors. Many of the visitors, students, and families who were visiting there have come back to home.

September is the month of changing the climate in Southeast Asia and it’s mostly unpredictable. In China and Japan, the weather begins to get cooler. It rains in Tokyo, but in Beijing rain falls sharply. September is the harvest season, so tourists can enjoy the festivals that celebrate the coming of the winter season.

Temperature changes cause rain. While in Delhi and India rain begins to decrease Thailand spend its most raining time. Participating in one of the autumn festivals is the most enjoying part of your trip. On the other hand, the inappropriate scheduling that comes right after these festivals can turn this fun event into a nightmare. You’ll probably get there not on time and the hotel's rents will be increased or have been reserved before. So you should schedule your trip for sure.




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