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6 Feb
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Have you ever tried to translate a text? Has it been easy or hard for you? Translating a text may seem easy for those who know the language but it needs more than knowing the meaning of words.

The following article will tell you how to translate.


First, try to get the whole meaning from the text not word by word. Translating word by word will not be a good translation.  When you know the whole meaning then you can use the proper words to translate.


Second, try to use the best words possible. Using the not so popular words will only make your reader tired. By choosing interesting words you attract the reader’s attention.


Third, be clear as much as possible. Try to have less complicated sentences and be clear about the things you say. The clearer you are the better your translation will be.


Fourth, after choosing proper and interesting words to attract your reader’s attraction you should try to follow everything you need to do to have a coherent writing. Don’t jump from here to there be coherent and complete.


By following all of the above steps you will have a good translation and your text or book will be read by your reader with great appreciation. Of course, having experience will help you a lot. The more you translate the better and easier you can do your job. You will understand what words or vocabularies are more used and like by readers.

Besides all these don’t forget to read other translations and see how other writers have translated their texts. The more you know and read about others the more experience and information you will have for your own job. Read books and pay attention to other ways of translations. By doing so you will be a great and professional translator.

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