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12 Feb
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As the weather is getting cold in winter and Icy ground, people prefer to stay at home rather than training outside their house. Usually in winter people don’t exercise regularly as they did before. It’s normal that you be worried about falling on the ground in snowy days of winter, but you shouldn’t forget your regular exercise plan. All you need is to be more cautious and you should also know some tips about training in winter to prevent catching a cold. Let’s read some of them:

1)Putting on a lot of clothes layers:

This solution helps you not to sweat too soon because sweating causes your body to cool down after a while. When you’re sweating, a lot of liquid caused by sweating gather on your skin and after some moment they will be evaporated by your body heat so you’ll feel cold.  The last layer of your clothes should be a kind of fabric which absorbs sweat. It’s better to use a zipper dress as your last layer in order to control your body heat by opening and closing the zipper.

Put your clothes in the dryer just before you’re going to exercise. This is a smart way because it makes your clothes not to absorb too much humidity so you won’t feel cold. The other benefit is that these warmed clothes can stay your body warm for a king time.

Unlike the other clothes, gloves provide a situation to transfer the heat to all parts of your body. If you’re using gloves while running you're actually saving too much heat. Meanwhile, due to the circulation of blood inside your hands, keeping it warm, you can transfer excess heat through the circulation to other parts of your body.

Cover your face and neck fully. It will cause a lot of problems for you if you don’t cover these parts of your body. If you want to keep your breath warm while you’re running, you better to cover your mouth and nose which blocks air flow from entering. This cold weather penetrates into your lungs and causes shortness of breath and causes shortness of breath.

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