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9 Jan
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Trip advisor site has recently introduced 10 top world attractions based on the comments of millions of passengers and tourists. you can also search for the other attractions on this site. Let’s review 4 of them:

1) Angkor Wat- Cambodia

You should visit this place in your life in order to find out why it has been introduced as the top of the list. Cambodia temple has its own special and complicated structure. The area is about 500 hectares and it’s one of the biggest religious places in the world. it’s been built in 12th century for the Wishno god which is a symbol of Khmer Empire.

2) Sheikh Zayed central mosque

You’ll face the view of this mosque if you enter from every bridge to Abu Dhabi. It’s been built by Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. He was the founder of Arabian Emirates and the Abu Dhabi’s governor for 30 years.

3) Taj Mahal, India

The international Indian property beside the Yamuna river is a symbol of love and beauty. White marbles, decorations, and gemstones made this place the third tourist destination. If you know the story of destruction you’ll be more interested in this place with the Breathtaking building, beautiful grounds.

 This is based on the orders of Shah Jahan to commemorate his Iranian wife, Arjmand Banoo Beygam known as Mumtaz Mahal. She died when she was giving birth to her child.

4) Golden Gate, San Francisco

It had an interesting name in the past: “The Bridge which is impossible to build.” But it came true. The orange lights of this bridge have made it even more stunning. It’s said that the length is about 2.74 kilometers. This is the place where everyone loves to have a photo. The view is amazing at nights and the weather is so clear that you walk during the night without being tired or bored.


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