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3 Oct
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As a working woman I was trying to find out about the most paying jobs in the world in general. The following jobs were the ones I could find about women and here they are.



A pharmacist is a person who manages medications to patients with prescription from their doctors. They have a Doctor of Pharmacy degree and must be licensed. They can either work in drugstores or hospitals and clinical settings. The amount of money they make is about $1,902 per week or $98,904 per year.



Nurse practitioner

Nurse practitioners can work independently or with doctors. They provide primary or specialty health care. They must have a master’s degree in nursing and be licensed. Female nurse practitioners earn a median of $1,682 per week, or $87,464.



Everybody knows that lawyers represent their clients who can be from individuals to government organizations or non-profit businesses. To be a lawyer you should spend four years in university to get the bachelor’s degree in the field and three more years in the law school training. Each country has its own exam bar for their lawyers that should be passed. Female lawyers earn a median income of $1,590 per week or $82,680 per year.



Companies need these chiefs to maintain their goals. Chief executive officers make sure that a company is on the right way to success. They work long hours and are responsible for the success of their companies. Female chief executives bring in a median of $1,572 per week, or $81,744.


Computer and information systems manager

These managers are also known as IT managers have a bachelor’s degree in the field and may also have other specific graduate degrees. They manage the software and hardware and all the things related to the computer system. Female IT managers earn a median of $1,529 per week, or $79,508.


Software developer

These developers do anything to improve the software programs. It can be from analyzing users' needs to designing applications and helping write code to improving the current software. Female software developers bring in a median of $1,457 per week, or $75,764.


Physical therapists

People who are injured or have the problem moving around need physical therapists. They should have a bachelor’s degree and a Doctor of physical therapy and of course be licensed. Any places relating to health care can be a good place for them to work. Hospitals, clinics, nursing homes or private offices are the type of places that they can work. Female physical therapists can expect to earn a median income of $1,307 per week, or $67,964.


Human resource managers

They are responsible for hiring new employees and any relations among them is their responsibility. So it can be interviewing the new people coming to the present team to solving disputes that exist among the personnel. Female human resources employees earn a median of $1,300 per week, or $67,600.


Purchasing manager

Their job is to plan, direct, and predict the buying of particular products. The places they can work for are different organizations, retailers or even government sections. Hiring, training and supervising different employees are their responsibilities. Female teachers earn a median of $1,276 per week, or $66,352.


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