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5 Feb
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TMS is a non-aggressive method stimulate some small parts of the brain. If you want to know more about this method read this article:

According to this method, a magnetic field generator or a coil is put near the head is being treated. The coil produces some electricity flows in a place exactly under the coil. The coil is connected to a pulse generator or a dynamic generator which transforms the flow.

TMSfield of use: this is a new method of stimulating the brain which is used for treating neural and mental problems can’t be treated in traditional ways.  In this method, a short-term pulsed magnetic field (similar to the field used in MRI imaging) is used to stimulate the region’s specific activity of the brain.

By this method, we can use different frequencies to treat such problems like depression. Actually, this method was originally used for treating depression but these days there are aloft of evidence which indicates TMS can be used for a wide range of mental problems such as addiction, stress, ADHD, OCD, buzzing ears, MS, Parkinson, Migraine and etc.

TMS benefits:

- TMS only targets the parts of your brain which really need a treatment. Unlike most of the medical treatments, there are no systematic side effects.

- TMS or magnetotherapy is approved by FDA for treating high depression disorders in the patients who are not satisfied with early antidepressants (in normal or high doses during the course of treatment).

- TMS is a non-aggressive and almost without any pain method. All a patient needs to do is to sit on a chair.

-  A therapy session takes 40 minutes and patients can continue their daily activities after every session without any problem.

- When the healing periods is over, a high percentage of patients face a significant reduction in their symptoms of illness and feel progress in their quality of life.

If you agree with the items below, consult with your doctor about this method:

-  I want to use a natural way of treating my illness.

-  Symptoms of my disease interfere with my daily life.

-  I’m not satisfied with the results of therapies by medication alone.

-  I’m struggling side effects of taking medicine.

-  For reasons like pregnancy or lactation, I want to reduce or stop taking medicine.

How is brain magnetic stimulation done? Before starting treatment, the physiotherapist should be the best place to put magnets and determine the best dose for you.

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