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19 Oct
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Tips to have an enjoyable trip(3)

Tips to have an enjoyable trip(3)




18) At packing time, twist your clothes instead of folding them.

This will provide you more room for your other stuff.

19) Use body language.

When you don’t know about a language and you can’t deliver what’s your order, don’t shout in your mother language because shouting makes no difference! Instead, use body language as it is a national language and also don’t forget to smile.

20) Don’t forget to take your wallet also another money belt.

Taking two different kinds of wallets makes you this chance that if someone wants to steal from you, you can give your pocket wallet also using lumbar wallet at hotels and restaurants is not a polite behavior.

21) Don’t do currency change at hotels.

 Most hotels don’t offer fair rates for currency change. Instead, use some specific credit cards which don’t receive extra money in foreign countries.

22) Don’t carry so much cash.

 Don’t worry about not having cash, every country has ATMs.

23) Have a local guide with you.

A local guide can give you more comprehensive information than guidebooks.

24) Be flexible.

The more flexible you are, the more money you’ll save.

25) Adjust your sleeping time.

In order to not experiencing jet lag, adjust your sleeping pattern ASAP (as soon as possible).

26) Don’t forget about trip insurance.

Always make sure that you have trip insurance, don’t just rely on your credit cards. You never know what may happen, so insurances make you feel safe and also it doesn’t cost too much.

 27) Join to loyalty programs of travel agencies.

The loyalty program is one of the customer management techniques which are based on how much you use from agency services.  That doesn’t cost so much but there are special offers you can enjoy from. 

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