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18 Oct
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tips to have an enjoyable trip(2)

Tips to have and enjoyable trip(2)




10) It’s better to choose Asian herbal food on the airplane.

Consuming fatty foods is the main reason for the jet lag (a disorder which happens on the flight because of the mismatch between destination and beginning city’s time). Asian herbal food is the best choice.

11) Don’t forget to take earring with yourself.

If you’re sensitive to noise, it’s a necessary to take earrings, it’s important to be able to sleep in noisy airplanes or hotels.

12) Reserve airport lounge.

If your flight is going to be a long one, you should reserve lounge. it is expensive but it also provides a peaceful place for resting, business meetings, qualified drinks and foods, newspapers, magazines, and the Internet.

13) Take a device which connects to the internet.

If you're going to be on a long trip, make sure you have a phone or any other device which connects to the internet, some people don’t take expensive things on trips but in somewhere internet will cost much more, or even sometimes there are no cafe nets. These days you can connect to the internet in every hotel or tourist places if you have at least a device.

14) Have extra clothes

Sometimes inside the airplane become freezing cold, especially on long trips make sure you have an extra jacket or any other clothes which protect you from cold. blankets which are given to you on the airplane don’t provide enough protection.

15) Take a portable CD player for children.

If you’re traveling with your children, taking a device for playing movies and cartoons CD’s would be so effective and they won’t be bored on long trips.

16) Soundproof headphones are vital.

They’re useful on a long trip also they are usually expensive but it pays not to hear a baby crying or someone is yawning all time!

17) Before leaving any place, check your luggage and handy bags.

When you’re leaving a restaurant, café, bus station, terminal or airplane check your bags in order to not leaving anything.  

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