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17 Oct
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Tips to have an enjoyable trip(1)

Tips to have an enjoyable trip




1) Carry less

Try traveling with only a hand luggage. Do you really need 6 high heel shoes, tea bags, iron, and hairdryer? The less you carry with yourself, the cheaper and easier and faster trip you’ll have. It’s faster because you’ll spend much less time waiting for your luggage in the airport.

2) Leave the trip guidebook at home

Instead of carrying that thick book, copy the pages you’ll need and throw them away after you used. This will provide you more free room and a lighter hand luggage.

3) Don’t enter to inspection lines that children are standing

Always try to stand at inspection lines which there are no children and instead of that try to stand in queues which people with suits and formal dress are waiting because these lines are usually being inspected sooner.

4) Never wear slippers at the airplane

Wearing hard shoes protect your feet from heat and sharp objects. On many airlines, crew, air attendants and pilots have been banned from wearing sandals.

5) Learn a little about your destination city’s language

Learn a few useful words and dare to use them! These also a few words will be a great help in emergency time and also people will greet you warmly.

6) Keep your mouth closed when you’re taking shower

If the water supply isn’t safe to drink don’t let the water get inside your mouth.

7) Hotels are not the only option for staying

Forget about Staying at expensive hotels or noisy guesthouse. These days apartments and villas are the best choices.

8) Get rid of your friends!

It’s better to travel alone, it may seem boring at first but it gives you the chance to experience a real trip, it’s totally a different experience.

9) Always carry hoody (jackets with hat)

You may feel as a teenager, but these kinds of clothes are too useful on the trip. It will protect you from light and noise when you’re sleeping on a bus, train stop or anywhere else.

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