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25 Apr
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What keeps people away from their desired life? One very common and destructive one is that they think too much. They make every little problem huge and scary and also they think too much about positive things that they don’t seem too much positive anymore.

The over-analysis of issues disappears the joy that you can gain from everything at the same time.

Those people, who are overthinking, are more exposed to the mental disease. To prevent this they should know about behavioral and nutritional habits.

A traditional medicine specialist explains some ways to prevent mental disease. It is about some special diets, they have to avoid some special foods.

Some of the things they should really avoid consuming are cow meat, camel meat, shrimps, lentils, eggplants, mushrooms, salty foods, pickles, raw onions, coffee, dates and so more.

But some useful foods are raw sweet tree almonds, apples, raisin and figs and etc. Also, Exercise and physical activity, such as walking will be really helpful.

Using light perfumes and smelling apples bring you peace and freshness. Don’t use dark or red color; instead, try to wear gentle and cheerful colors such as pale green and sky blue. 

Overall, look at everything from a wider perspective. When you’re overthinking ask these questions from yourself: If this will matter 5 years later or even 5 weeks later? This is expanding your perspective. You’ll soon realize that this strategy removes you from obsessive thoughts.

Seat shorter goals for your decisions. If you don’t set a deadline for your goals you’ll always be drawn in your thoughts.

You should also keep this fact in your mind that it’s necessary for every patient to visit a doctor because these are some overall suggestions and the kind of treatments are different based on age, their living space, and so many other factors.

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