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14 Jan
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One thing that can help an English language learner is to think English in every situation possible.

But how can one think in English? The following article will tell you how.


Think about words

If you are a beginner and don’t know that much about English and it is hard for you to make sentences, then start by learning and memorizing words and whenever you have time review them in order not to forget them.

For example, when you wake up in the morning then think about the word “good morning” and at night you can think about “good night” and so on.

Don’t forget to review the words and if you need a reminder then leave notes around your house or your workplace so you don’t forget what you want to do.


Talk about your everyday life

Like reading a storybook or telling someone about your day to speak about your day and narrate it. little by little it gets easier for you to talk about your daily activities.


Choose a topic

Talking about your daily activities may be boring sometimes, so choose a topic that is your favorite one and start talking about it. Because when you want to make a conversation you should be able to talk about everything so make yourself ready for the task.


Use an English to English dictionary

When you encounter a word that you don’t know about then use an English to English dictionary in order to broaden your vocabulary circle. By looking up one word you may get to know more than one that helps you to know more.


So, start word by word, continue with talking about your daily activities and continue even more with talking about other topics that you like to talk about.

These steps will help you think English to learn the language faster and easier.

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