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21 Nov
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Having a special skill helps us to get a job to survive. But there are some things that are essential for everybody to know about. Here are the ones that are not bad to know about.


Build a fire

As we know fire produces light and heat. The two are essential for life and at some points, in our lives, we may have to build a fire. Therefore, it is good to learn how to do it.


Operate a computer

Computers are part of our lives these days and we cannot be separate from them. Therefore, if you don’t want to be behind the social life you should be able to operate one.


Using Google

You may not know something but Google knows it all. If you have any questions by Googling, you can find your answer. So, if you still don’t know how to Google something then it’s time to know how.


Perform CPR

Someday it may happen for anybody to save someone’s life. Then, it’s good to learn how to perform CPR to be a helping hand in case of an emergency.


Do basic cooking

Has it happened to you that you didn’t have anyone to cook for you but you didn’t want to eat out either? Then if you want to have a homemade food you should learn to cook some basic foods to satisfy your taste at home. Do some cooking for the sake of those times.


Know some stories

You may be invited to a gathering or a party. Or you may be going camping and at night when everyone is around the fire what is it that makes everyone interested? Telling a story. By telling a story you can entertain others and be at the center of attraction.


Deliver bad news

Life is a mixture of bad and good news. Telling the good news is easy but how about a bad one? Learn how to approach a person whom you are going to deliver the bad news to. You don’t want to shock the one, do you?


Change a tire

You are driving and suddenly you have a flat tire. Do you know how to change it? if not, it’s time to know how. Otherwise, you have to wait until someone comes and gives you a helping hand.


Handle a job interview

Looking for a job? Then you should know how to answer the questions when you go for the interview. You should know how to control your fear and panic in order to have a calm appearance.

Learning how to cope with the interview can be a great help. The above learning tips were just a brief explanation of why you need them. Keep following our next articles for more details about each one.


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