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12 Dec
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When we talk about safari, we immediately think of Africa and its wildlife. For most adventurous people going to Africa for safari is a dream. But before going for one there are some equipment or things that we should have to ourselves.  

Here are the things that you need if you want to go for a Safari.


Suitable trousers and clothes

To pack for safari is challenging because the special flights that are done for the purpose have limited place for your luggage. In most of the places that you go to stay there is a service for your laundry, therefore there is no need to take too much clothing with you. The cars used for safari are most of the time without any roof or windows and there is a great chance that your clothes get dirty easily, therefore, try to have clothes that are easy to wash and have a dark color.


Suitable socks and shoes

Comfortable shoes make it easier for you to walk fast and away from the mud and dirt that may be on your way.


Have a cap

A cap or any hat that prevents your face from the sunlight should be with you. The hat not only keeps your hair tidy and clean but helps your skin not to suffer from the strong sunlight.



They help you to see or watch the very far things that may be interesting but have a light one that is easy to carry and doesn’t make your pack heavy.



Who doesn’t want to capture the moments of adventures? A camera is a must for this kind of activity. The kind of camera that you have depends on your budget and taste.


A raincoat

You never know when it may rain in those areas that you go for a safari, therefore have a light raincoat to protect you against the cold weather and the rain that may make you wet in case of not having one.



It is an essential one while walking in the wilderness at night because there is not always light available to you.


Your mobile and a charger

Of course, your mobile can give you many services and don’t forget to have a charger. Your mobile is a way of being connected to others so don’t forget it.


So, next time that you decide to go for a safari doesn’t forget the items that were mentioned above.


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