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6 Sep
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usa holidays




Here are more American's holidays.


Mother's Day: Second Sunday in May

Mothers are loved every where in the world and Americans are not exceptions. They celebrate this day by giving flowers or sweets to their mothers or even serve breakfast to them. The celebration is different from family to family.


Father's Day: Third Sunday in June

This day is set aside to celebrate fathers. As with Mother's Day, traditions will vary from family to family, but many people choose to celebrate by having a barbecue dinner and possibly playing some sort of sport in the park.


Independence Day: July 4

On this day, Americans celebrate the day they became an independent nation. Many go to parades and watch fireworks at night. Some communities also hold picnics and other festivities for the locals to attend. Many families will eat hamburgers, hot dogs, or other grilled food in celebration.


Halloween: October 31

Halloween is often celebrated by children dressing up as fantasy characters and going door-to-door to ask for candy by saying "Trick or Treat." In more recent years, for children’s safety, many communities will have a select location for children to go to collect candy from stores, churches, or other businesses. Decorations for Halloween include fake spider webs, fake tombstones, and jack-o-lanterns (a face carved into a pumpkin).


Thanksgiving: Fourth Thursday in November

As the name implies the day is for being thankful in commemoration of the Pilgrims’ first holiday with the Native Americans. The celebration happens with families getting together for a large meal (typically a turkey dinner).



Hanukka is also known as the Festival of Lights or the Feast of Dedication. It is an eight-day Jewish festival that commemorates the rededication of the temple in the second century BC. The holiday is celebrated by lighting candles on a unique nine-branched candelabrum.


Christmas Eve/Christmas Day: December 24-25

Many Americans go to church to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. They also celebrate Christmas by opening presents that are placed under a Christmas tree on either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day (the legend says Santa Claus is the man who puts the gifts under the tree). Many families also spend a lot of time and energy decorating their houses, both inside and out, and many communities even have competitions for the best-decorated house.


Kwanzaa: December 26-31

Kwanzaa is a week-long celebration to celebrate the culture of African Americans and that of their ancestors. The holiday was created to help African Americans reconnect with their African heritage. As for all the celebrations, gifts are exchanged between the beloved ones.

These were the most important holidays in the US. If some time you went there and saw a celebration and parade going on you will defiantly know what’s going on.



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