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21 Sep
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Why is education important? What is the effect of education in our lives? What is it that a person with education has that a person without it doesn’t? These are the questions that one may think about.

Here we mention some reasons answering the questions.

Before talking about the importance of education let’s have a look at its definition.

Education is the process of acquiring or receiving systematic instructions or training at a learning institution. It is the acquisition of skills, knowledge, values as well as beliefs through various educational methods including direct research, training, teaching as well as discussion.

It is the knowledge that you acquire in a particular subject matter, providing an understanding of the matter.

It makes you self-dependent, both financially as well as in decision-making.

It promotes equality as it eliminates the differences between genders and social classes.

With education, you can confidently express your views, as well as opinions and people, are more likely to take you seriously.

Education has also been proven to be among the most effective tools for eliminating poverty since you can use the skills acquired to earn an income.

It can also help a nation to achieve food security as well as promote sustainable agriculture and improved nutrition.

Education promotes healthy living as well as the general well-being. For instance, it helps to reduce child and mother mortality rates, fight the spread of diseases as well as create awareness on how to prevent various health problems.

Education creates opportunities for a viable and sustainable economic growth.

It drives economic prosperity and progress.

It promotes inclusive and peaceful societies, provides access to justice and even encourages stability, good governance, and transparency.

Education also helps to make human settlements and cities resilient, safe as well as sustainable through good water management, efficient energy use, proper urban planning and social inclusion.

An educated person has higher chances of turning his or her dreams of fruitful and prosperous life into reality.

These were just a few reasons why education is important in our lives.


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