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23 Oct
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The most Powerful female managers in the world

The most powerful female managers in the world




It’s always interesting to listen to the successful people’s story of life because when you understand the way of their life and strategies you try to model your life based on that.

We are used to seeing male managers who handle the world of business, but sometimes some women cross the limits and create remarkable success. If you take a look at the list of 500 successful humans in the world, 32 of them are successful women managers. Let’s know who they are:


1)Abigail Johnson; 15.300.000.000 $ woman

She was the executive manager of Fidelity in 2014 and become chairwoman of the board after her father retired from work. I am an MBA graduate from Harvard University. She has 24% share of the company now, but she was working at an after-sales service part of the company when she was a student.


2)Meg Whitman; 2.800.000.000 $ woman

She is the chairwoman of Hewlett-Packard Enterprise and the manager of HP Company; she received 35.6 million dollars in 2016. She is well known because of eBay: when she became the manager in 1998 the annual sale of the company was about 4 million dollars which it increased to 8 million dollars in 2008 because of her.


3)Sheryl Sandberg; 1.610.000.000 $ woman

She is not a manager but she is one of the most effective execute managers of Facebook and this is the reason why she is on this list. She received 18.7 million dollars salary from Facebook in 2015 and after her husband died she founded an organization in order to help people to stay motivated in their hard times.


4)Safra Catz; 670.000.000 $ woman

She is one of the most expensive female managers with the wage of about 41 million dollars. She helped the Orakel Company become profitable in cooperation with CEO (chairman).


5)Marisa Mayer; 540.000.000 $ woman

She resigned from the Yahoo company in July 2017 but she started to work as the CEO of yahoo web services in 2012 with the wage of 900.000 $, Also she was one of the first Google employees and that was a strong backing for her career.

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