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12 Nov
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Art in any form has its special fans but there are some special subjects that sell the most. Among all the paintings the followings sell the most.

Traditional landscapes

Local views

Modern or semi-abstract




Figure studies

Seascapes, harbors, and beaches

Impressionistic landscapes




Landscape painting has been popular for a long time and continues to be popular today. Some contemporary landscape painters prefer to work outside like the great Impressionist master Claude Monet.

Others prefer to do their paintings in the studio using photographs and study sketches from the location they've chosen to paint. The landscape category includes seascape, harbor and beach scenes, which are a popular subcategory that sells well, especially in seaside cities and towns which attract a lot of tourists.

Modern and semi-abstract landscapes that offer a different interpretation of a familiar view are also a popular choice for painting sales. Since most abstract artworks don’t have a recognizable subject or relate to anything external, individual viewers can interpret an abstract painting for themselves. So it makes sense that abstract paintings are always top sellers.

While landscape paintings have historically featured grand vistas, contemporary landscape paintings include more intimate scenes of rivers, woods, meadows, and cityscapes. Recreating a vista that has sentimental or nostalgic value may increase the chances that your painting will sell.

While most painters will study figures and nudes as part of any introductory art education program, painting figures outside the classroom setting present unique challenges. For instance, if you're using a live model (as opposed to a photograph) as your painting's subject, bear in mind that the model needs to be able to focus and remain still during the process. Posing can be tiring and isn't for everyone.

But well-done figure paintings, especially those with nude subjects, are among the most popular sellers in galleries and other places that offer paintings for sale. For the most part, prints of paintings sell better than original works, since they tend to be less expensive.

Limited-edition prints (where a specific number of prints are made, and each one is numbered) are most popular since the buyer knows he or she is getting something that is not mass-produced, but which has some unique qualities.

Whatever genre you choose as your subject matter, don't set unrealistic expectations. Unless you have a specific client for whom you're painting custom pieces, there are no guarantees that your work will sell.

As with any creative field, painting is not an exact science, and even if you follow all the "rules," audiences can be fickle and difficult to please.

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