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12 Nov
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The happiest jobs in the world- Part 2

The happiest jobs in the world- Part 2




In the previous article, we introduced some of the happiest jobs, we continue to discuss the topic:

4) Gardeners

It’s one the most enjoyable handy jobs in the world but you can’t categorize it under high paying jobs.

5) Doctors

They’re able to save people’s lives and that’s made them an important part of society. It’s a hard process to become a skilled doctor, but if your passion is in this major it won’t be too difficult for you. Most of the doctors are satisfied with their job and the paying, it also brings you high social status.

They’re placed in the second position of the trustworthy people. This isn’t a kind of job which fits everyone; you should be really in love with medical studies.

6) Networkers

Working as a networker is one of the most stressing jobs in today’s competitive society and being innovative is the key. You may be one of those people who see this job as a real hell, but there are some personalities which make them the right person for this job. They really love their job.

7) Nurses

Doctors are the center of attention in every movies or series, but these are nurses who are always at the forefront of medical care. They may not be praised enough, but their patients often love their nurses and appreciate their value of services. They love their job despite all the stresses and challenges of helping patients in difficult situations.

8) Teachers

Remember how naughty you were in your childhood, it’s a miracle that your teachers were handling the class full of children at the same time without punishing you. It’s all because they love children and they love their job. It’s a low paying job, but it has always been one of the happiest jobs in the world.

9) Hairdressers

When you have a professional hairdresser, going to hairdresser’s is a pleasure and fun. It’s always a friendly place you can put all your problems behind.

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