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11 Nov
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The happiest jobs in the world- Part 1

 The happiest jobs in the world- Part 1



There a lot of jobs around the world that make you feel happy, you may think that they should be high-paying jobs but they’re not. Money can bring you happiness but it’s not a reason to feel satisfied with your job. We’ve introduced 10 happiest jobs worldwide; the interesting point is that they’re not relevant at all. Some of them are too dynamic and the others need concentration and silence.

The point they have in common is innovation and the ability to answer their costumers in the best way. They do not only work for money but also they’re searching for a way to produce their favorite things.


Usually when we hear the word “Secretary”, this scene comes to our mind that a newly graduated person is working for a strict and cruel boss! That’s a perspective which we’ve taken from movies and series. These people are happy because they can handle most of the duties of that specific company they’re working for.


It may seem like a hard and dirty job, but believe that these aspects of this job are so much easier than the duties you’ll have to do in the other jobs. They’re happy because they’re usually their own boss and there is nobody to get orders from, so they can easily concentrate on their work. This is a happy job because it’s more interesting than sitting in an office and doing the same tasks every day!

3)Scientists and researchers

 This is another example of those kinds of jobs that you’re the boss and nobody orders you, scientists and researchers study their favorite fields for many years and their job is their life.

Low budgets are their only concern, but despite the increasing need for science in today’s society, governmental and non-governmental fields have to get help from scientists.   

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