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20 Aug
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The fight between smartphones is taking over our lives and we love it

The launch of Iphone 8 has been building up with new reports emerging about the fact that it will take place alongside the Apple Watch, which can cause mayhem in Europe as well as United States, as has been witness with previous releases. On the other hand, Samsung’s fierce rivalry with Apple shall go through another climax as the two companies usually go toe to toe with one another. Now, Samsung is also launching its new Galaxy Note 8 around the same time, just to make sure Apple will not be the only circus in town. However, as time goes by, Nokia proves to be catching up with the other two smartphone manufactures in an attempt to regain the lost empire it left behind during the golden days of cellphones. As it is the case, the company is also planning to have its Nokia 8 released into the market alongside the other two technology giants. Nokia has been left behind by Samsung and Apple long ago in their bitter dispute over the market’s skies. However, this sleeping giant made all of its wealth and credibility during the time when only cellphones roamed the land. So, when the market shifted underneath Nokia’s empire and left it in total and utter humiliation, the company vowed not to abandon the market and to one day prove itself king of cellphones once more. Apple, on the other hand, is really having its hands tied behind its back by Samsung, which is really catching up to the slowly ending Iphone fevers of our time. Samsung is also dealing with its own set of challenges as issues of battery safety and leadership scandals are only just losing their negative effects. This year, the upcoming September will prove the match is on, as all three smartphone manufacturers go head to head in an unprecedented development of rivalry unmatched by any other. Meanwhile, consumers are left drooling over new gizmos as all three companies are planning to bring something new to the table this fall.
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