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10 Aug
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The effect of home redecoration on your mood

Feel better by redecorating your home:
Routines are not exciting. If you keep going to the same place everyday with no change at all you may get bored and tired of that without even knowing why.
Our house is our sanctuary when we feel tired of all the things we do out there and want to go back. So, why not making it a place that not only is our place to live but makes us fresh and relaxed again. How? By redecorating it.
You may think it costs a lot , but actually you don’t have to spend a lot of money or change all the furniture to do that. The first step is to clean your house thoroughly. The walls, floors, furniture and the carpets should get cleaned and washed. Because even if you have the most expensive furniture at home but still you have walls with no good colors or doors that are old and destroyed , your furniture is worth nothing.
After cleaning you may look at your furniture to see if they are right for the size of your house. Small houses need smaller sofas or chairs. Of course the color of your house is very important too. Try to use a harmony of colors in your house. The color of your walls, your furniture, your carpets should be harmonized.
If you have a house with low light don’t use dark colors like black or brown. Try to use bright colors. Don’t just pay attention to your living room. You should consider all other places at home especially your entrance. Try to re change the place of your sofas or chairs, but in a way that they are not on your way of coming and going inside. Use a coffee table in the middle and put a vase with some flowers in it to make it pretty to watch.
The light of your house is also important. Don’t use lamps that are burned or don’t work properly. Houses not having enough light should use more lamps to brighten the environment inside. If you have an empty space or corner around it’s a good idea to use some green plants to make that space alive.

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