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5 Nov
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Thailand is a city that attracts millions of tourists every year and despite the entrance of different tourists that go there, they have not lost their traditional way of living. About 20% of their economy is from agriculture and the major crop they have is rice. Tourism is another helping system to their economy and has caused them their present improvement.

There are many strange things that you should know before going to Thailand. Here is the list.


Don’t use a fork to eat. They use forks to put the food on a plate but not for eating.

People in Thailand are very cool and always smile at you. If they suddenly come to you and start talking don’t be surprised.

Don’t talk about the king. Thailand is one of those rare countries that still have a king and you should not talk about the king at all.

Eat as much as you can. There are many delicious dishes that you shouldn’t miss while traveling.

When you go to holy places cover your knees and elbows. They do that whenever they go to such places.

Don’t take the taxi driver’s words seriously. If they say a place is closed or their way of going is better and faster don’t believe them. Sometimes, they want to take you to another destination to get more money from you.

Use the public transportations. They are cheaper, faster and more convenient. The subway is also very clean.

Don’t touch anybody’s head. In Thailand head is a sacred part of our body and it shouldn’t be touched.

Thailand is one of the warmest cities in the world. The temperature is usually over 40 degrees and 26 degrees in winter.

The flower orchid is their national symbol. There are over 1500 kinds of orchids in their forests to even exporting them.

It has 1430 islands. Some of the islands have been used in some famous movies.

Their religious believes are affected from India and China. 

These were just some of the interesting points to know about Thailand. But remember nothing is like going there and see them for yourself.

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