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12 Sep
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Temples of Bagan to become UNESCO World Heritage

Bagan Temples are soon to become do not climb sites as the ancient city will soon become a UNESCO World Heritage. The reason for this decision is simple and with Began pursuing the international status, limitations need to follow in order to save and preserve ancient monuments and buildings from further damage or even collapse. In other words, the ban on climbing temples comes at a time when the Burmese are taking back their cultural centers in order to save them while giving them back to the world in an orderly fashion through UNESCO’s heritage status. This has been in the making for some time but the Burmese government backed out of the ban due to fears of local tourism bust that would follow a no touching policy. However, after the 2016 earthquake limitations were set on some popular temples in order to manage the long-term effects of tourism. The consecutive developments have involved developing the region in order for Bagan to successfully secure the UNESCO status, while also drawing a red line around heritage sites so dear to the locals and tourists alike.
Bagan is an amazing region with around 4000 monuments that represent ancestral heritage for the Myanmar people. This ancient city was the capital of the Pagan Kingdom from the ninth century to thirteenth century. During this time, it is estimated, over 10,000 temples used to stand as representative of a great Buddhist center. However, due to consecutive earthquakes throughout the twentieth century, many temples were severely damaged and ruined. As the result, only 2229 temples remain. Now, with the UNESCO status becoming official soon, the region is being prepared in order to accommodate an expansion in international tourism. As this is the norm for any ancient tourist destination, the city’s tourism infrastructure will be expanded, so to accommodate the growing demand for a more modest need in tourism in the future.
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