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22 Oct
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Life is full of good news and bad together. We all are comfortable with telling the good news to others but it is the bad ones that make us uncomfortable. When we have bad news for others we think the news itself is bad enough so how can we say it in a way to hurt the listeners less.

Here are some hints to consider while telling bad news.


Be prepared

When delivering the bad news have an idea about what you are going to say and make yourself prepared for the outcome. The person who gets the news may cry, or get angry or show other emotions relating to the news. So, get ready to deal with the outcome.


Don’t joke around

We think the person who gets the bad news need something to be happy about. Telling jokes to change the mood is not a good idea at all because it makes you look insensitive.


Choose the right place

In order to break the news, choose a private and suitable place for that. A public place where there are constant distractions may not be a good place to tell the news. Think of a place where you both are comfortable with.


Choose the right time

Not only the place that you tell the news is important the time that you say the news is as important as well. If the person of consideration is at work don’t wait to tell the news at the moment, he/she gets home. Let him/her relax for a while and then drop the bomb. It’s up to you to choose the best time to make the situation less dramatic.


Signal the bad news

Although you want to get to the point immediately, it’s better to use some transitional conversation that has some signals to the bad news. Going to the point right away may have some shocking results.


Offer help

It was mentioned that you’d better be ready for any reaction that may happen. But whatever the reaction is you should be a helping hand for the person in front of you.


Accept the silence

Some people when hearing bad news may not ask any questions and go to a shocking state. For those people who go to silence just accept their silence and respect their situation and feel sympathetic with them.


Decide what to do next

After delivering the news and getting the result of the listener decide what to do next with the person. If he/she needs to go somewhere be a helping hand, or if you think more talking will help spend some time and keep talking.

Whatever the need doesn't let the person go to the shocking state.


We hope you never have to deliver bad news but if it happened just consider the points here and feel more relaxed with doing so.


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