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16 Oct
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When we talk about having a job we think about a mature person who is older than twenty-something but what about our teenagers. Should they be allowed to work or not?

In some countries children don’t work until they are at the age of having a job, that is finishing college or university studies. Still, there are countries where teenagers start working and earn their own money. As a parent would you let your teenage child work? There are some good points or bad points about the matter that are discussed below.


The first good thing about teens having a job is to learn the skills that are good for their entire life. Skills like filling out a form or how to prepare for an interview.

Also, they learn how to cooperate with others at work and fulfill their responsibilities.

When they get a job they feel they have done and achieved something by themselves for the first time which gives them confidence and a sense of independence.

When teens earn money they appreciate the value of money more and learn how to spend it wisely and also they know the value of saving.

Teens who work between ten to fifteen hours per week get higher grades than students who don’t work at all.

Since they have to be in the workplace at a certain time then they learn how to manage time and be more responsible.



To talk about the negative sides of working teens we should say that teens who work more than fifteen hours a week get lower grades and may hurt their education status.

It has been found that teens who work tend to use more drugs.

Another negative point is that teens who work have less time to spend with their families and also have less time to sleep and rest.

Because teens work with adults they may become familiar sooner than expected with the things that are special for more mature and older people.



Considering pros and cons together it is up to the teenagers and parents to decide whether to work or not. Some teenagers are ready and eager to have a job and start having their own independence and money sooner than the usual time but some teenagers prefer enjoying their time with their family and friends while there is still time to do so.


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