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18 Oct
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Do you think it is better to work alone or with others? Which one has a better result in a workplace? The answer is definitely working with others which are called “team working”.

A team working as the name implies requires the attention and working of all the individuals in the team. A good team should have the following characters.


As a team all the responsibilities should be prioritized, so everyone knows what to do first and continue with the rest.


Each individual in a team has his/her special role that should be clarified and specified so that they know exactly what their role in the team is.

Decision making

A team should be able to think about what they are going to do in order to get to their target and goal. Thus, making decisions for the different methods to get there is essential.


In a team, all the members should support each other and the team’s goal. They are all together for one target and aim, so they should work and support each other to get there.


Feeling obliged is very important for the members because it is a feeling that everybody in the team should have and the burden should not be on one or two people only.


The team activity should be dynamic, not static.


In order to have a good teamwork, the members should be flexible with the activities in the flow.


The members should be creative and have new ideas to have a more useful working.


Not only the working itself should be done in a proper way but the way team members treat each other is also important and respect is the number one thing that should be considered.


All the team working and activities should not be done alone. They should be analyzed and monitored to see if the correct path is being taken.

Therefore, having a feedback is a must to review and check the teamwork.


These are some characters that a teamwork should have. In general, everybody in a team should feel responsible and willing to the best in order to get to the one target that everybody’s going after.

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